A Weekend off! (kinda)

So, I'm a little naughty. I said I wouldn't Blog or Vlog once Friday afternoon came till Monday - but I kinda did. I Vlogged but it wasn't at the laptop, but little snippets of our weekend together (on my camera) as I really needed some practice with editing video's and whilst that's absolutely no excuse, it was kind nice to play around once Monday come (even though I was completely itching to Sunday night!).
It started as a means to teach myself more.. however, I found I just loved looking back on the little recordings. Stringing them together. The little moments in our lives, the smiles, the grumps and just general everyday life. We're just a normal family doing normal things and I'm just glad to have had this weekend break because it taught me more than I could've dreamt.
I love this video and I just love my little family.

I didn't realise how much of my life was surrounded by blogging - it's forever on my mind! I did find Friday night a little hard as I felt like I was "wasting my time" by reading, but you know what? It soon was forgotten about (I actually started getting into my book!)
We've had such a lovely weekend, I felt refreshed and raring to go this morning so it did in fact do the world of good. I was looking forward to blogging all about our weekend and I can definitely say it's going to continue. These are the little video's I'm going to want to watch back as the boys grow..

The table and chairs arrived late afternoon on Friday; Freddie and Chris popped it up together and we all ate tea out there - it was such a lovely time. The boys were excited and I was too! It's nice to do something a little different, isn't it?
We were lucky that the weather was lovely all weekend meaning we could spend time together out there. I'm totally gutted it's rained all day today 'cos I think we would've eaten out there again. Come on Summer!

We did in fact move the bedroom around on Saturday as Chris got a rare weekend day off. We usually do our food shop that day but we changed it to Sunday whilst he was working. We wanted to spend time with Daddy as we don't get enough days all together. Usually one of us have an appointment, nursery or a play date that we end up missing each other.
Chris and I spent Saturday evening just relaxing watching more of Orange is the new Black, writing a shopping list and reflecting on the little ones. I do notice how much we converse about our day with the boys, we catch up on the little things we did separate to the other and the funny things that happened. I do love them, it makes me realise how much they're on our minds :)

I felt no stress this weekend, it was so peaceful. The boys were amazingly behaved and it went by so fast. I liked that I didn't have any pressure to press on in the evenings regarding posts - I could have proper me time and relax - In fact the whole weekend felt like a little holiday!

Don't be afraid to comment what you think - I know I have a way to go with editing haha!
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  1. Aw I loved your video! I thought it was well edited! What did you use? Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Aww thank you, took me a while to figure it out but once I did it was great! I used youtube editor, uploaded the clips and edited it all together :) xx

  2. Great post great photos and a fab vid thanks for linking to the Binkylinky