A Day with Great-Grandparents

On my latest Vlog I spoke of how much I love having a day out.
I love leaving the every day stress behind and full emerging yourself into the activities you're doing.

Sunday, we ended up going out with my grandparents to the nearest soft play centre as Freddie kept asking, for days now if he could go. My grandparents said they'll 'see what they could do' which is totally code for 'see you soon' ;)

Freddie had an absolute ball at soft play. The second we stepped into the place he took his shoes off and we didn't see him for a good hour (when I had to drag him out for some lunch).
Noah also loves going to soft play - loves the ball pool and he just gets so excited playing. He interacts with other babies and it's great fun! (I'm still curious as to why parents dislike these places?!)

After a full on 2 and a bit hours there, we decided it was probably time to leave *cue sulky face on a 4 year old*
We headed to Hunstanton Promenade and had a little walk along there. Noah walked a good half way holding onto both Granddad's and my hand - so excited and squealing along the way. Freddie also skipped along.

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and it had been the nicest day we've had all week. It was warm and breezy; we really chose a lovely day to venture out especially as Freddie is in that phase where he's easily bored. He flits from activity to activity so Sunday was fantastic for keeping his attention, he was out and there was so much to do - I think we actually tired him out!


 After our little walk we went back to my Grandparents for a little while. We met up with Chris on the promenade and he came back with us until he had to go back to work - it flew by and felt like he had hardly been with us before he left again.
However we did have a competitive version of 'catch' - if it's possible which was quite fun! We played with bubbles, water pistols, balls and darts. My Nan brought the boys some new outside toys for them to play with when they're over.

I love this picture of my big boy and his best friend 'Darry' - that old sock dog comes with us everywhere. It's going to be so lovely to reflect on him as the boys grow older.

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