A Child's Best Friend

As a Child, there's always that one toy that you valued over every other. The one that you used to snuggle up to at night and demanded that you took everywhere with you. 
You basically saw it as your real life best friend. They even maybe shared a secret code with you.

A Childhood toy becomes that special toy that you couldn't ever imagine not being around. One that you honestly loved with all of your heart.

Darry (Darius) is that toy. He's Freddie's Best Friend.

He's a sock dog. He comes everywhere and he will refuse to go to bed without him beside his side. He's that special toy that, has now been around 2 months before Freddie was born. He was waiting to be loved and Freddie as loved him more than I ever imagined a teddy could be.

Darry has come on Holidays, been on day trips, at Birthday parties, laid in the moses basket, cot and now Toddler bed. He's been to Morrisons (also nearly lost him there too!) and probably thrown/swung around in every possible way. He's been through all Freddie's baby days, his dummy days and now sits on the cistern when he goes to the toilet.
Freddie has given him his already high pitched voice and has been used as a lure to getting to bed "but look, Darry is so tired, he's laying there wanting to go to bed". He pretend attacks you with kisses and woofs. You can't help but kiss his head when you find him abandoned on the floor or bed when Freddie's at Nursery.
He always goes on the radiator not on the washing line. He loves toast and eats up everything Freddie doesn't eat. He protects the house whilst we do the Nursery run in the mornings.

Think Woody in Toy Story and you're not far wrong. Only I can never imagine the day Freddie gives him up; I don't even want to picture it. Okay, I don't imagine he'll still be walking around the house or taking him up to bed when he's 14 but I like to think he'll still be around.. battered and in all ways saggy, but roughed up with love.

The thing is, it's not only Freddie who is overly attached to this now bumpy sock dog. It's all of us, we seriously consider him as part of our family; many people would snigger at that but it's because he's been there early on and he has walked this part of our life with us. His white isn't so white and his green is ever so slightly fading away. He's been sewn a new patch of hair countless times as his head was slowly being rubbed away due to stroking.
Even before Freddie was born, myself and Chris used to walk into his room and pick him up - we just had a feeling this guy would mean something to our family.

I had a thought the other day and I couldn't come up with a reason as to why Darry hadn't featured more in our posts on this blog. We joke he's the family dog (and it's the nearest we're getting!). But today, I knew it was time to change this. He's been through all of this with us and he's pretty damn cute!

Even if Freddie decides he doesn't need his permanent side kick with him, he'll always stay within this house. I would be heartbroken if we were to ever lose him, he holds so many memories. It make me smile when I think of Freddie with him - he's one of them precious items that you want to find in a memory box in 20 years time. It'd bring a tear to your eye and you'd show everyone who knew him and all talk of their bond together.

Noah took an instant liking to him, I'm not sure because he features in so many of our family moments (even I go now "don't forget Darry!" when we leave the house) or if he belongs to Freddie, but he strokes that same section Freddie always did and he's always so excited to get a hold of him.

A teddy is never, just a teddy. Never underestimate a bond one little teddy can have with a Child. I will always understand people who are devastated that their Child's teddy is missing, because in this house it'd be like losing one of the kids!

Does your Child have a special toy that they adore with every fibre of their being? Did you have one?

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  1. I love that his favourite toy is a sock dog! My twins have favourite toys that come everywhere with us. R has her blanket and a cuddly dog toy. M has a blanket, doll and more weirdly a pair of her dads shorts! When she was a baby she used to play with the straps on the shorts when he was cuddling her to sleep and she just associates the straps with comfort so she brings the shorts everywhere with her now! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Haha that made me laugh! A pair of dad's shorts? It's amusing yet kinda cute!! Bless her :) xx

  2. A lovely post and so many wonderful things to remember thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

    1. Thank you :) yup, definitely some memories for life x

  3. Aww how gorgeous is this post. What a beautiful relationship and clearly socky dog is his security blanket. Lovely post x

    1. Aw thank you :)
      They do have suck a lovely bond, I get a little emotional thinking about it haha! X