What My Boys Wore #7

This last week we had the most horrible time with my youngest Brother (catch up here) so it was a rather gloomy week from last weekend. None of us was in particularly good moods - "because if mama ain't happy, nobody happy" and I really wasn't happy.

But he's come home now and is slowly getting on the mend (many thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes :) x).
Since then we've been able to lighten up and the whole experience has just made all my senses come alive, I have been hellbent on enjoying every moment with my little ones, from the teething/whingey cuddles and the to-ing and froing to the toilet. I found myself enjoying them- not that I didn't; I just think I appreciate life more. I appreciate that my boys are so lucky to be healthy and alive. Yes, it's inconvenient to have to do the housework one handed, but it shows his lungs work enough to scream at me :)
The little moments have become big moments and even the annoying moments, I've learnt to see the positive and even have a little chuckle to myself.

The boys are going through a phase of talking when they're supposed to be asleep - it has become one of my favourite times of the day; creeping downstairs to hear giggles and 'peekaboo', oh, and the odd squeal of telling each other off. Them two are so alike it's scary. They both have a short fuse with one another, they both want to have everything when they want it - it makes for plenty of arguments!
But they have so many lovely moments like the bedtime routine.. I give it 10 minutes and put them down to sleep again. ;P

Little Monkeys!
Today they weren't massively interested in having photo's as they were playing with Daddy and running around the room silly. But, sometimes, you've just got to take the photo's the opportunity presents and I love the cheeky looks on their faces! 

We've been so lucky to have warmer weather this week so we've spent a few hours out in the garden pottering around, like today (it's definitely Mummy weather - washing on the line, woo!) so we've cracked the shorts out this week for Freddie, Noah.. I've yet to get any.. (on my to do list!)

So what were my boys wearing?

Top: Nutmeg - Morrisons
Shorts: Mothercare (Last years! yup, he's really not grown that much!)

Top: Next
Jeans: Next

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  1. What absolutely lovely photos! They look so close and they remind me of my two younger brothers when they were little. They were thick as thieves and when we all used to share a room when we visited grandparents etc, they used to stay up giggling over the most ridiculous things! I loved it! I'm so glad your brother is on the mend now. Sending lots of love your way. Loving the outfits. It's so nice to see shorts at this time of year and the tee is super cute! Thanks so much for linking up with us. Hope you had a good weekend! xx #weekendbabystyle