Noah's 1 Year Update/Freddie's Measurements

So this is a little late as the Health Visitor popped over to the house on 31st March and only now am I typing this up - sorry!

We went through the Questionnaire that they send a couple of weeks before they intend on coming and I was surprised at how Noah was completing nearly all of them, bless him. I don't think you realise how mobile and how much they actually can do until set questions are asked - I was happy to be able to say yes to nearly every one :)
But some of the ones they asked he didn't do then, but is starting to do now. Or completed now.
She was very happy with him as he demonstrated some of the things that the questioned asked and he was quite the show off! He happily let her take things from him upon asking and was showing an interest in who she was; even started getting a little vocal.

His measurements were bang on his centile line which is fantastic - I wasn't surprised as he eats loads - thought he may go up, but I guess with his bum shuffling and furniture surfing (latest thing this week!) he's burning some cals off ;)

These were his measurements,

  • Weight: 9.22kg / 20lbs 5oz
  • Length: 75.51cm
  • Head Circumference: 44cm

Whilst she was about I also raised my concerns regarding Freddie and not eating well, I needed some reassurance that he wasn't underweight for his age. He's a boney little thing and I've been increasingly worried that because his diet is lacking what I find is vital vitamins. It's become a worry but she was more than pleased to weigh him and measure him up for me as well as talking through seeing a Nursery Nurse for some hopefully, tips and advice!
But our concerns in regards to weight/height (I'm guessing the chart is a kinda BMI thing for kids?) was lost as he is bang on his centile too. He's very petite for his age, I know but sometimes you just worry that they're not eating well or enough. However it doesn't mean there isn't concerns regarding diet.

These were his measurements,

  • Weight: 12.63kg / 27lbs 12 1/2oz
  • Length: 96cm
So there really isn't that much between them! But I'm just glad that they're both okay in a sense - lets hope there's some great stuff in the way of learning more in helping Freddie - keeping positive :)