Milestones | Noah Standing Up

Milestones. We've reached another one.
Our littlest guy is starting to prove he's not our little baby anymore. He's starting to move about, and I'm not sure I'm ready to accept it entirely ;) (although I've given so much praise and it's admittedly so thrilling to see him overcome such obstacles)

At 11 months my Noah has mastered the art that is using his feet. He's learnt that if he's sitting up in his cot he can push his feet against the bars and pull himself up or get onto his knees and push up - he surely has amazing strength for such a little one. He's learnt to pull himself up to Freddie's bed and against a person. He can simply be holding your thumb and you can see him grasp tight and go grab the other hand and pull up.
It's amazing to watch. It's amazing to see him learn, manipulate and grow in his surroundings. He's such a awesome little dude and it's such a massive moment for us all.
It's a realisation of how grown up he is now. HOW fast this year has gone by - why is it only now I'm recognizing?! It never felt this fast when Freddie was little.

Onto the next step. He shall be walking before we know it, but for now, baby steps - I can't truly fathom how my boys are 4 and 1 this coming month..

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