Life with Slimming World #2

You know when you have one of them weeks where you feel disappointed in yourself, even though you know you kinda did the best you could? That.
I maintained and I'm feeling so deflated by it, to the point where I've completely let slip.
I've eaten so bad, I feel bad, sluggish and so guilty. Yet I'm still slipping up, constantly. I don't feel excited or positive about this journey at all at the moment.

There I said it.
I've done so rubbish this week and it's made me feel miserable to be honest. I start the day with good intentions and before I know it I've eaten a bite of this, a slice of that and ARGH!
That maintain ruined my thoughts. It clogged me up of all the bad stuff and I've gone off the rails - why? I don't honestly know. Am I bored? Do I feel restricted? I don't know.
A part of me is fed up of constantly trying y'know? I've been on this journey nearly a year and it feels so slow. I know the whole 'it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you do go..' but really?
I find I obsess over little details like syns and the 'am I getting in enough speed?'. I also do a lot of comparing myself which is the worst thing to do, ever. So many people drop lbs like nothing else and I'm over here a little bit stuck.

I got asked last week what it is I find hard about syns, is it not understanding them, not enough or too much - it's definitely too much. I understand having flexi syns but, I don't think that will ever completely work for me. Part of me is like chuck it in and the other is wanting to keep going.. I guess tomorrow is a new day and all that.

I've eaten rubbish (it's my birthday today, but on it tomorrow!) and I've not done any couch25k (I know right!) and to be honest I need a kick up the backside right away.

I have had a few meals that have been healthy and scrummy! I think I just need to keep that side up more..
As for recipes, do anyone have any really fab ones that are amazing for a sweet tooth? I think if I can curb the sugar I should be a little better *fingers crossed*

P.S I'm sorry it's a bit of a moany post - I'm guessing I'm using this linky as my 'Image Therapy' ;)

Super Busy Mum


  1. I have just joined slimming world and i am only two weeks in and have already fell of the diet wagon and eating rubbish the last two days . I hope you start feeling more positive and get back into it soon xx

    1. I know exactly what you mean! It's horrible when you feel defeated :(
      I hope you do too! :) xxxx