Life with Slimming World #1

I was pretty darn excited when I saw this Linky appear on my Instagram on Sunday Morning! I knew I was going to have to sign up because I'm always on the look for Inspiration when it comes to my Slimming World weightloss journey and I'm looking forward to what I can pick up in regards to this list - thank you for creating!!

Facts & Statistics

- I started trying to lose weight 6 weeks after having Noah, so I've been on this journey since May '14.
- I started Slimming World on 7th January '15.
- Combined I've lost 1 stone 9lbs in total so far (Wow sounds like loads when I write it like that!)
- Currently size 18 & 14st
- Weigh in is every Saturday
- Syns are the hardest thing for me regarding SW!

This week I was up +2 - boo!!
I wasn't at all surprised because we'd had a really crappy week in the way of my Brother so sticking to syns was out the window and my eating routine was completely out too, not to mention my water levels.. only thing that did stay was my Couch25K training - I'm on week 3 at the moment and I'm dreading week 4 already (may actually repeat week 3 to be certain!).

 Since weigh in on Saturday I've been 100% on plan and counting every single syn. I need a loss this week because I've been such a yo-yo for the last few weeks.. this plan does work (seems to be doing miracles to most people!) I've just gotta get stuck in. Some of my meals I've had so far are above - making sure I get my Superfoods in :)
I post all my meals on a separate Instagram - do feel free to follow me if you'd like :) (It's so I don't bore my followers on my personal one, of repeated images of my breakfast etc and sometimes it does really help to see where I've gone wrong (or right!)) 

This is my Meal Plan for this week - hopefully having this will keep me on track!

Super Busy Mum


  1. What is it about Syns that you find hard? Having too many or not enough or just not understanding them>?

  2. Ohh your food looks delicious! I try to take picture but I'm always to hungry too wait! Well done for losing so much so far, I look forward to following your weight loss journey!

    Thanks for linking up to #slimmingworldsunday

  3. How yummy does your food look! I've been so bad at trying to take photos of my food this passed week or so! I need to fix that! Your doing amazing so far and thanks so much for linking up with #SlimmingworldSunday x

  4. Your food looks yummy! Well done on your loss so far, that's great :) #slimmingworldsunday