Joint Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

A part of me is quite sad to see the party season go by in this house! We have 3 birthdays very close - Noah's and mine being only 4 days apart! We also celebrated Freddie's a mere few weeks ago! In the Reynolds' Household we don't hold another until November which is pretty much forever away.. But we've got so much before then what with the summer arriving!

*I apologise in advance for the very picture heavy post but I couldn't help myself ;)*
Noah's birthday was nearly a week ago which is shocking, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago, but our littlest turned ONE. The day came and went so fast, but we're left with the realisation that he is a one year old now.

The day felt quite stressful; mostly down the pressure I put on myself to make a good party! It was supposed to be a relaxed affair and it was once the party started, but I think if we were to do it again, we'd make it a separate day for the party. I feel we overlooked the day to set up the party - but we did have many little moments like our morning selfies and singing happy birthday in bed whilst he grinned widely at us all. 
Noah got so much fuss it was unreal and he loved being the centre of attention (what kid doesn't?!)

The party started at 3pm as it was 'Afternoon Tea' and we did a spread of sandwiches, cupcakes and scones with a few picky things like sausage rolls and cocktail sausages - everything got wolfed down pretty quick. It was very lovely and easy to prepare :)

It was definitely the little touches that made this party special for me. I loved the little picks and carrot signs (that I did very last minute, not that you'd know ;)) oh and I adored the blue and white spotty straws.

My Nan brought the birthday cake for us which was so lovely of her. Sadly it only said 'Noah 1' on it when it was supposed to have me too, seeing as it was a joint style party (but it was mostly for him) and it was supposed to have a Jeremy Fisher on it too - but never mind, it was a scrumptious cake and beautifully made.
I supplied some party bags for people to take home a slice of cake and a lolly - so lucky!

Charlie's Girlfriend Zoe also brought some little carrot topped cakes to the party which was sweet of her and they tasted yummy!
It was a lovely chilled afternoon catching up with family and eating lots of naughty foods ;)

He loves his Peppa Pig that he got from us, keeps going aww and cuddling her - he's too cute! It's hard to believe he's one now, he's now our toddler. 

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