Inspiration - Peter Rabbit & Friends Birthday Party

It feels like only yesterday I was planning Freddie's Dinosaur Birthday Party and here I am now, planning Noahs'. He's going to be 1 year next Sunday.. I'm a little scared to understand how a year has gone by; but the proofs in the little guy. He's so close to walking and babbles all day long. But, I'm yet to believe a whole 12 months has gone by.. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. (I'm sure there will be plenty of tears come the day!)

Birthday plans for Noah are to keep things fairly simple, we're having a 'Afternoon tea' theme and it's actually going to be a little bit of a Joint party as my Birthday is 4 days after (lets face it, it won't be a joint one in years to come!). The Peter Rabbit theme was in mind for the both of us as I adore Jeremy Fisher, I had a little one when I was a baby and not many years ago I brought a big one (sits on my chest of drawers).
I love the quaint look of the Beatrix Potter stuff in general so I was very on board with the idea.
We've currently discussed a birthday cake to be made for the party.. I'm curious as to what it shall look like!

Keeping things simple should hopefully make for a better party, I'm excited for it as it'll be a lovely way to spend time with them close to us, without going overboard on setting up as I know both boys will be hanging around on the day.

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