Grandparents' Golden Wedding

It's not everyday that you can say 'My Grandparents have been married 50 years'. 50 years!
I find it amazing. It's really something to aspire to and I'd love to be able to say myself one day. It definitely deserves a party!

It was lovely being a part of the event as a whole. We're really close to my Grandparents; so we knew nearly everyone who was invited - most  of whom I've not seen for a few years!
It was a night of socialising, good food and a couple of chuckles.

Days prior to the party Mum & I decorated the '50' cake with some dainty golden flowers. It was so beautiful and we were pretty pleased with ourselves. It received so many compliments. Was lovely to be trusted with the designs!

They also had an announcement. We then made them stand and cut the cake like they did all them years ago ;)

Freddie was an absolute angel all night, although he did have a range of activities to keep him distracted throughout the evening (must remember this for next time!). Noah however was tired and stressy, so that became what it was. He refused to have a nap in the afternoon (why do they do this?) so it was awkward at times to try and distract him but we got through, thanks to my sister who whisked him up for a brisk walk at intervals whilst I spoke to other guests or sorted Freddie. Ta Sis! ;)

I felt like I'd look an idiot walking around the table taking snaps of people, but it was actually a lovely way to have a chat with everyone and they were all so willing for the camera to be shoved in their face!
However, I was slightly gutted how pictures looked when I flicked through, some grainy and terribly dull but from a photographer point of view the venue was hard to take such amazing photo's as there's so many mirrors and unnatural light that it wasn't ideal - I didn't want to use flash (I actually hate using flash) but I hope my Grandparents will be happy with them, even with a sneak editing on some! 

It was an evening of eating lots of food, fabulous company and lovely hosts!
Now chink chink to over 50 years!

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