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I'm always begging for a holiday.
I've always dreamt of being able to pack my bag one night and setting off somewhere else for a week. It's mostly the wanting to go somewhere new, somewhere exciting; to smell the air of a faraway place or experience something that I don't have at home. Routine becomes boring and sometimes we need to refresh our minds.
A holiday is a rest, time to spend with family and enjoy their company. There's never enough hours in the day to be able to fit in the amount of quality time we want to spend with our loved ones.

As lovely as the daydream of walking around in Paris or Rome, or swimming in the sea in the Caribbean, it all costs money. Money is a massive part of being able to go anywhere (otherwise we'd all be going every other week, right?), it can really become expensive what with potential flights, accommodation, food/drinks, day trips and the inevitable souvenirs - it adds up and sometimes the daydream is instantly cut up and put in the 'saving' list.
But what if you could save on a load of money and still have a fabulous holidays?

This is why Sue from got in touch. She is offering one of you the chance to have unlimited holidays in the form of a FREE YEAR (worth £100!) house swapping with like minded people.
Home Swapping is a great chance to save some big money, and an exciting way to experience something new, it's all accounted for and there's so much information on how it works. Sue has been fantastic in supplying me with knowledge on whether it's safe and what other members shared of how it was for them.

If you'd love a chance to win a free year, all you have to do is fill in a entry below!
It's open for a week - good luck to you all! :)

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