Clarks | Noahs' First Shoes

Clarks. I always remember the days I went into Clarks to get fitted for school shoes - all from getting the ticket to the waiting, measuring and choosing which shoes you wanted, it was a real experience as a kid. Now I see it from the side of a Mum..

Last Tuesday we went and got our little Noah some first shoes. He's now furniture surfing and pulling himself up any which way he can (fairly confidently); of course there's the odd tumble or very cautious drop onto the bum but he's getting himself prepared to step off at any moment.

My Nan (bless her), for his Birthday offered to buy him his first shoes - we all agreed that it was quite pointless to buy a hundred toys when he's more than happy playing with Freddie's and the plenty of baby toys he had. We thought we may as well spend his birthday money on things that are worthwhile in the long run. (of course we did get him a couple of toys too)

We popped in and was the only people in the kids section, I fell in love with practically the first pair I looked at. I like the fact that they're toned down, they're also the colours that we put on Noah on a daily basis so I knew they'd go with nearly every outfit he has.
He was very well behaved whilst the man measured and fitted the shoes on him and even did the walk!

As you can see in the picture (of course it has to be ruined) that he was sick down himself - I don't think the man saw until we wiped it off and claiming we wanted them - which we did anyway, but still - so embarrassing haha! It didn't make for a very lovely picture but certainly will be a day we remember!

So his first Birthday has passed, he's got his first pair of Clarks shoes.. now it's the first steps we're waiting on :(

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