Birthday Wishlist

It's kind of embarrassing how excited I was to put this wishlist together. I think it's mainly because when you look around online or in shops you go 'yeah, I love that!' and it secretly goes onto the 'wishlist' - I'm also one to be really sure of whether I'd love something enough to buy it, instantly. If I love it, I love it. I'm not much of a 'think about it' type gal when it comes to shopping; which is so handy when looking for a specific item!

But, my birthday is arriving soon - 24 (gasp!) and I'm just genuinely looking forward to a slice of cake. 
My wishlist is a place of dreams and actually looking at them all together is quite nice. They're also not used once items, they'd be completely loved and used.
It's a little bit funny doing a wishlist, 'cos you know what you truly would like when items pop up straight away after the initial question.

So what's on my Wishlist?

1. Handbag - I found this rather lovely satchel in the last issues of Slimming World Magazine and it was rather love at first sight! I love the colour, style and everything.

2. Cath Kidston Plates - I'm a sucker for anything Cath Kidston but I saw these plates in the Norwich store over Christmas and I kept looking at them. They're simply beautiful and I just have a feeling a lovely set of plates would bring extra love to mealtimes (not to mention my Instagram feed!).

3. FitBit - Okay, so kinda jumping on the bandwagon here but, if you remember my Christmas Wishlist, I posted about a polar watch - I've upgraded. Both my Brother and Sister have one of these and they keep showing me how it works and stats and well, everything.. and I really quite fancy one! I just find it so amazing and I'm interested in what MY stats would be! Serious motivation to this losing weight malarkey. 

4. Joules Waterproof Jacket - I adore my boys bright coats and have secretly been wanting one myself, for a while now. I'm a colour gal and I want more pop on my coat. I was tinkering between the lemon and the green but settled on the green - it's gorgeous and I'd love it forever. Oh and COULD YOU IMAGINE the photo's we could take of us 3? ;)

5. Ashley Thomas Bedding Set - Now, I own a lot of Ashley Thomas stuff, but that's because I love it. I love her designs, everything's so pretty, vintage, dainty and I can't get enough of it.. I need to become best friends with her so that I can get everything for free (and be totes supportive!). This bedding is the next thing I'd love to add to the collection!

6. Navy Striped Pineapple Top - It has a pineapple on it - any more need saying? (I fell in love with it instantly - it also feels so soft *heart shaped eyes emoji*)

7. Zumba Tank Top - I've been hankering for one of these for a while. I have completely caught the Zumba bug and enjoy it immensely! I just need the tee to go with the shaking ;D

P.S I'm always quite happy with a card and cake :) (obviously cannot forget about the cake.)

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  1. A FitBit and that Joules jacket are also on my wishlist at the moment!