35 Things I'm appreciating these days

We've reached spring at long last and we've had some of the most beautiful warm days. Them days make me happy and I've been feeling happy quite a lot recently. (Since my Brothers awful event)
I've seen a different side to life. It's made me think about what's important and has shown what and whom I value the most.
(Btw, he's feeling a bit better - he's healing albeit slowly and is feeling tired often but he's able to talk better. Many thanks to you all that shown your concern and sent best wishes! It was lovely to know people care and I'm glad to say he's on the mend :))

That event hit me hard and in a strange way I can feel that a light has flicked in me. I've witnessed the mortality that us simple yet extraordinary humans have. I appreciate the little moments more than ever before. It's made me aware of the pinpointed things that I appreciate..

  1. The Sun - It's making me feel so optimistic about life at the moment, I have that moment when I wake up where I feel I can do anything and go anywhere. I love that fresh feeling.
  2. "Mummy, I love you" - my heart melts every time I hear this. I just have that little thought that I must be doing something right, because if I wasn't, he wouldn't say it.
  3. Cake - Somehow, recently, cake has been tasting so good. 
  4. Milestones - My boys are growing at a rapid pace, so I'm soaking up the little things they do like a sponge! Especially loving Noah's furniture surfing at the moment!
  5. Quotes - I'm living through 'Do more of what you love' currently.
  6. Sandals - Today I had my sandals on for the first time this year and, before I never really took much noticed of wearing them, but I loved feeling the breeze through my toes and how free they were!
  7. Fresh Flowers - I have always loved fresh flowers, they make me so giddy inside.
  8. Kisses - Big smooches, little pecks on the cheek, nose, forehead or even on my bottom, I'm appreciating the love from my little people and hubby :)
  9. Hugs - Like above, it's something that always makes me feel better. Hugs are definitely happy medicine!
  10. Flavoured Green Tea - I'm a big Green Tea fan, I love the stuff. I do also like the fact it's very healthy for me ;) Cranberry's been my favourite of late!
  11. Blogging - I'm a Blogger. I think like a Blogger (I've read all them lists that go 'you know you're a blogger when..' and yup, I'm one!), but I just genuinely love the little things I can note down to keep for another day in the future.
  12. Bedtime Stories - I love nothing more than when Freddie picks a book up and asks me to read it, once before it was a inconvenience when I was doing chores but now, I define it as snuggle time (he sits uber close)
  13. Freddie's Nursery Pictures - Nearly every picture is the same but I love when he comes out showing and telling about how he did them and what they are.
  14. Future Plans - I've always been one for wanting to do everything NOW, but recently I'm okay with waiting because it'll be worth it in the end.. (although now would be nicer haha). I love talking of plans and figuring ways to accomplish them.
  15. Family - Of course I have always loved my family but since that event I've appreciate the smaller moments. I remember the little laughs and things that were said.
  16. Nature - We're growing herbs at the moment and it's been a little weird how excited I've been to see the little seedlings sprout up, more and more each day.
  17. Party Planning - I've planned a couple of parties close to each other this year and I've enjoyed putting them together immensely - you know that feeling when you feel you've accomplished the best you could do in the moment? That.
  18. Colour - The sun has made everything look so alive. The shadows, the vibrant colours.
  19. Selfies - I've become a little bit of a selfie lover recently, I've been wanting one with everyone and y'know what I treasure them - So lets take more selfies ;)
  20. Friendships - I've been making so much more effort in keeping in touch with the people close to me, whether it's a quick hi, a picture or email saying I love them - it's all knowing you're giving your best in the moment to the people around you.
  21. Personal Notes - As much as I love giving out love, I like receiving! My brother wrote the sweetest note in my birthday card that has made my heart a little happy (and emosh) 'Charlie (baby one), thank you for being my big sister and all the wonderful things you do, I love you very much - have a great day; you deserve it xxxxx' *cry*
  22. Smiles - Being happy generates happy.
  23. My Health - I've always been a little 'ugh' when it comes to my health *cue list of health issues* but somehow I'm realising that it's not all bad, I'm in a position to either help myself or seek help.
  24. My DSLR - I always say it's the best thing I ever bought and I stand by it, It's a treasured item as I couldn't ever take such beautiful pictures without it. It makes me happy I can snap so many memories with it.
  25. My Boys Sleeping - There's nothing like the sound of a quiet home with two sleeping babies ;) I just love having a stare for a while because they just look so calm.
  26. Instagram - I love Instagram and I've been using it more recently, maybe down to my new phone but I have just been enjoying strolling through my feed more than ever.
  27. Painted Nails - Nothing like a set of freshly painted nails.
  28. Conversation - Freddie's best friend is called William and he goes to Nursery. They definitely have a bromance going on, they're so sweet. It was so nice to have conversation with his mum, Claire, someone who I've never really spoken to more than a 'hi, you okay?'. It was lovely to have a fresh face to chat to without that first conversation 'awkwardness'
  29. Old Photo's - I love reminiscing the old days, shall it be my friends or family. It's so lovely to have a look back to the past.
  30. Birthdays - Age is a number and a reason for a big celebration. I've fallen a little in love with them since my boys.
  31. Phonecalls - My Nan has been ringing up often recently, she's the type of Nan that rings up for one thing and puts the phone down, but recently we've been having a chat and I've been enjoying them a lot.
  32. Fresh Food - Food always tastes so much nicer when you're feeling happy. Fruit has been my favourite start to the day.
  33. Freddie-isms - This boy makes me laugh daily. He makes me smile and my heart swell.
  34. 'Mum, Mum, Mum' - Being called Mum is the best thing ever, even in the stressful moments I remember that I'm lucky to have these two gorgeous sons that call me 'Mum'.
  35. Routine - I has sometimes felt like it's boring, but recently it's felt right.

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  1. What a lovely list! I love so many of those things too, especially when R tells me he loves me - only I can interpret the words but they're still really special ;) Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx