What My Boys Wore #6

We've been so busy as of late, what with Freddie birthday celebrations, Chris being on holiday and family illness; I haven't had much of a chance to get as much blogging done as I've wanted.

Now out of all of that, we've been given the invite out to my grandparents anniversary meal. They've been married 50 years today! Its amazing to hear, especially as so many opt out of marriage or divorce these days. I had a joke with my nan about it feeling like forever - she very much agreed - maybe it was even time to find a new one! Haha!
It feels like myself and Chris have been together forever and it will be 5 years married in October, crazy! Seems a long time, but 50 years seems a lifetime. So sweet and I'm looking forward to celebrating with them tonight :)
For such a big event, we have to absolutely look our best right?

The boys outfits are from Next (I'm a sucker for their smart range!). I love how dapper they look for such little ones. I was sure not to go and waste loads of money on a 3 piece suit that they really wouldn't wear again (maybe if we were going to a wedding this summer) so got a smart shirt that can be reused through the warmer weeks.

P.S - Sorry, the photos have been uploaded without much editing and cropping! eep!

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  1. Happy anniversary to your grandparents, that's amazing!!! Aww the boys are looking super super smart! Loving both their outfits. Next does smart wear very well. I love the collar on that shirt, its quite unusual and fun! I think it's great to mix shirts with jeans, it's such a good smart-casual look :) Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you've had a lovely weekend xx #weekendbabystyle