What the Boys Wore #5

This weekend has been fairly busy. It's flown by. 
Mothers Day has nearly gone by for another year and we're onto another week of Nursery this week.

Even though it's been busy, we've been fairly relaxed. Went out shopping yesterday and a meal with my parents as we couldn't celebrate Mothers Day as they left for a couple of nights for their anniversary tomorrow! 
Today Chris didn't start work until 2 so he was around for the morning which was lovely. I got treated to snuggles, breakfast and some lovely cards, not forgetting my beautiful rainbow tulips!

Trying to do this post Saturday morning was like Hell. Noah was so tired and needed a nap desperately (you wouldn't believe the amount of snaps I have of him wailing his head off..) so he was cranky and not really in the mood for a bit of modelling.. but Freddie? Yup, it was out full force this week! He's returned with a fancy for posing!

He's so sassy when he wants to be! I really love his outfit as it's super casual, yet looks really smart. He definitely rocked the double denim look - you'd honestly think he was doing a catalogue wouldn't you? Haha!

Noah, simply just wanted to sit on me, via the camera. He wasn't impressed and well, cue the over dramatic look.. (Sorry, it made me laugh hysterically when I looked back at it!)
It has to be his new gorgeous fox bib that caused such a pose! (we seriously heart this!)


So what did my boys wear?

Top: Nutmeg - Morrisons
Jacket: Matalan
Jeans: Next

Top: Next
Bib: Little Sleepy Sew and Sew
Trousers: Next


  1. They are so sweet, love Freddie's look, little dude!

  2. Freddie's posing is AMAZING! What a little legend! Loving the double denim too. He pulls it off perfectly. I always love a denim shirt with a tee underneath, it's a great look. Aww bless Noah. Isla didn't have a particularly good 'modelling' sesh for this week's post (I took the photos 5 mins before having to leave for work & take her to nursery!!). Love the Sleepy See & Sew bib. Foxes are such a fab print and it does lovely with his outfit. Thanks so much for linking up. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!xx #weekendbabystyle

    1. Haha! Freddie usually has to be bribed for a few snaps but I asked and he was onto it! Gutted Noah wasn't feeling up to it as they would've had some cool pics - maybe next week!? It can be a little frustrating when they don't play along.. But eh, another week will soon be here! :) xx