Red Nose Day

This year's Red Nose Day theme at nursery was "dress up as your favourite animal".
It took a while to get an animal out of Freddie, as to be honest he doesn't really have a favourite. He told me after hours of talking that he wanted to be a Crocodile, so it was settled! If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I've been spending a bit of time making a mask. It took me a while and that's with Chris's help!
I was so chuffed with it though, I like the fact that Chris & I worked together pinning ideas off each other the whole time.. It made it really fun to do!

After Freddie got home from Nursery he instantly went "I don't like it, I want to be a bear" - WHAT!?!!!!! I was so annoyed. It's one of the parenting moments where you instantly stop and think "What, actually, is the point?". A lot of effort went into it, even though I know he would only be wearing it for 3 hours - that it'll probably be broken when I go collect him later. I want to be one of them parents that really do make an effort at school events. That is the point of why. I'm not claiming it's amazing, just that I know I made the effort to do the best I could with the things I did have available to me. 
Luckily as his birthday is creeping up, I had a few arty bits hanging around that could be used. Amazing what can come from a egg box, cardboard, glue, card, tissue paper, paint could create. It's time that takes the most from you. time well spent as he decided to change his mind again once it was completed (and with a little nudge) thought it looked awesome!

The teachers were very impressed by saying "WOW Freddie! you look like a cool crocodile.." - I'm glad it looked like a crocodile!! (I did have a worry that it didn't look 'snappy' enough). 

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