Photo of the Week

This week has been busy.
 I keep leaving this post until Mondays when I know I should be doing it Sunday, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in other things that I forget - apologies.

Last week was the week where Freddie's birthday plans really got pushed on. We made a mask for Red Nose Day, which I was really impressed with; Chris & I worked hard on it - looked fantastic! Mothers Day was yesterday and I was simply happy with my bunch of tulips and a couple of cards, can't wait to show you them. They're so beautiful. We've also had the pleasure of having a nosey through Freddies' progress folder from Nursery. I love reading all the things he gets up to and how he is in regards to their graphs (how you measure a kid on a graph is beyond me!), it's so interesting to see what he's potentially like there compared to here. He's a mystery one as he never lets onto what he's been up to; but I manage a peep with these photo's and entires. He's also been amazing with going to the toilet - post shall be up soon!

A kid with a flattened cardboard box. Noah is such an hilarious one, he does his utmost to make sure he's able to climb through the smallest places. Oh and Daddy took this photo, not myself.
But it does explain how I have felt this week. I've been feeling a little stressed about little things and actually it's shown that being stressed doesn't help me, I may feel a little flattened at times; but eventually I make my way through the flattened box. I've got the help of Chris tomorrow as he's on holiday for 12 days - hooray! Instant remedy :)


  1. That's a fantastic photo! I know what you mean about small spaces - my little one kept squeezing down the back of the sofa and getting stuck so we've had to move it!

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, he makes me laugh so much as he's always pushing through, you'd think he was a spider the places he gets too!
      Oh bless her haha! Sounds like it was for the best! ;)