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I'm typing this post up on my phone this week; its been very much one of them weeks where I've had to put everything on hold due to my littlest guy. Noahs going through this awful time of not sleeping well at night, mainly being unsettled when it comes to bed time. We've got to a point where we've had to stay by his cot until he drops off as leaving the room has turned into bloodcurdling screams.. Not good. I'm hoping he get's better with that and I'm wondering if its a little separation anxiety?

This week I've been out to Giraffe for the first time (gorgeous!) and seen 50 shades of grey ;) oioi! I really liked it to be honest, it followed the book so a thumbs up on that alone! The casting was fantastic - Dakota was far better than I thought she would be.. And I don't think we need to talk about Jamie Dornan do we? But yeah - it was sexy and quite a lot of 'ouch' moments, but reading the book we knew what to expect right?!

My little guys headed off to Nanny's this week, it was quite lovely to have some breathing space and to eat breakfast in peace. I even managed to get a couple of blog posts done!
I've lost 3lbs this week also! (calling for all high fives!!) Its been quite a lovely week.

I simply said to Chris "Can you put it in the washing bin?" Hilarious.
(I meant the top he had in his hand.. But he was also holding N. N didn't care though!)

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