Our Month In Photo's - March

Oh March!
You've been rather amazing to us and you've genuinely lit up our family's life this month. the sun has been most welcome!
 We've been busy; many high and lows but here we are standing boldly at the last of the month about to welcome April.

We've battled through World Book Day, Red Nose Day, Mothers Day, getting ready for a Dinosaur Party and the sad day my Freddie, turned 4!
Freddie also has mastered going to the toilet now and is completely dry *excited dance* and Noah is now pulling himself up *sad face* (more on that soon!), we've celebrated my Grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary also this month - It was such a lovely event, the boys looked lovely
Chris has also been on holiday for 2 weeks this month, which was fantastic. It was the perfect staycation - and you know what, I didn't get "fed up" of him at all, it was so nice to have a couple of days break and to have a extra pair of hands to help. It was also lovely to get some time together in the evenings too; something we rarely get a chance to have! 
I've also stopped my HS medication and am getting reviewed on Thursday which I'm really excited about, hopefully there's some really good news on that front. I've started the couch to 5k this month too - it's been hard going but completed week 2 the other day, yay!

We've been a little ill on some fronts with a stomach bug that has put some of us out of action and the boys has suffered with a bit of a cold.
But we're lucky to have gotten over that mostly now. I'm so excited as to what April brings - although a little sad - my Noah turns 1!!! *shock, horror* 
(and I get a year older - but no one needs to know about that!)

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These are most of my favourite snaps from this month - because lets face it, I adore every picture we have in one way or another. Every picture holds a memory in that moment and I'm blessed to have so many people to share and make them moments with.
March you've been kind to us.

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