Our Month In Photo's - February

I'm a little shocked by how it's another month round already.
 I'm shocked that February has been and gone, that 28 days has flown by and there's that instant "what have we done?!"
As the months seem to be going by so quick, I have been becoming more aware of what we're doing on a daily basis and actually I've also become increasingly okay with the fact that not every day has to be a major adventure. In fact in some ways it's kind of nice to have quiet periods.

It's been a little up in down in terms of activity, mainly down to the forecast; but to be honest we've been really lucky to have some bright and sunny days. Meaning that we've been able to have a few trips out as a family and time together at home.
Last month we went to The Mart Funfair, for a walk into the woods, did some baking, had Impetigo - we even had a sprinkle of snow! Okay, it was a little adventurous in some ways..
It was such a lovely month as my boys have noticeably grown in leaps and bounds; it's weird to see Noah go from a baby to suddenly bum shuffling and trying to pull himself up. We had standing up in the cot moments, which blew me backwards. Freddie is as cheeky as ever and has been calling Chris and I his best friends which is so cute. He's also got into the little habit of saying how much he loves everyone - he's truly adorable at the moment!

This post is a little later than I intended, but every time I seem to get a moment to 'blog' it's interrupted by little ones; as they've come first in all manners of speaking, things have been a little slow in the production line! But saying that, I've had so many moments with my little guys that it's made me appreciate a few days out. They're beautiful and I love them beyond words could say.
I've twisted things up with this post as I used to share my Instagram snaps, but I post them on my Facebook and Twitter so it's got everyone covered I think; so taking some snaps from my phone, big camera, some seen and some not.
It's all about the photo's that made me smile this month.

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