Mothers Day


I love Mothers Day. Not because you get extra attention besides your Birthday or Christmas, but because every year it's unexpected to receive any gift. I never really expect to get anything, but I always hope for something simple such as a bunch of flowers. (I got lucky!)
I just love what the whole day symbolises. It's a day of reflection for me, where I think about my Mum and about the type of Mum I am to my two boys. 

I love a bunch of flowers; I rarely recieve any but what I do it makes my heart giddy. Like, seriously.
It's literally like someone handing me a ray of sunshine as a present.
Everytime I look at them at the moment I just smile because there's a space for them in our home. Space for a little brightening up and something new to sit on my dresser.

Chris brought them home a couple of days early, due to working awkward hours, but I just jumped at them (maybe not so literally..). I love sorting out flowers, I love the organising and trimming them up. 

I was lucky to get 3 cards! Freddie made one at Nursery (below - I love it, made me go 'aww!') and one from Chris and the boys. and y'know what? I didn't even wear my badge!
I simply felt spoilt.

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