Let's Catch Up On - Toilet Drama!

So you may remember all the faff we had with trying to get this little face above to go to the loo. To even sit on there and go for a wee was pretty much the bane of my life for a near year. It literally was Toilet Drama and it seemed to take a long while to get from that stage onto the following.
Of course we still have the slight accident here and there, but just recently it's like the whole going to the toilet thing has clicked and I feel such relief from it. I got to the stage where I just let time take it's course - he would do it in his own time and I was telling a close friend of mine how amazing he's been with going to the loo, he's been asking. He's been going. Even for a poo!
From one day, it was like he just decided it was the way. He knew it all along what he had to do, it just took a little bit of time to get to the end goal. A book didn't do it, us taking him didn't do it, him going alone didn't do it (he likes us to go with him again now).. I don't think it was any singular thing, but a combination of time, effort, talking and being open about the process.

He also went up to the primary school that we've applied him to in September and I wondered if that was maybe a reason for the sudden click. It's funny to actually think, "the day before I turned 4, the light switched - it was the day I went completely dry and yet to have an accident since".

Moral of the story? Worrying and stressing has done absolutely nothing. Its a process we have to go through, but one day they just know it's something they don't want to do again. It's a learning hurdle for everyone involved and toilet training is actually a massive step for a little one. A huge milestone.
It's definitely a one day at a time thing!

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