Freddie's Dinosaur Birthday Party

Last week was essentially Freddie's Birthday week. We've done a little celebration on near enough every day - but the real celebration was to happen at the Dinosaur Party.
It was the party we've been organising for the best past of 3 weeks. Hours of planning took place; searching pinterest, google, party websites. Then the piecing everything together.

I loved planning this party as I love when my ideas start to come to life. I have admitted that at the start of the project I was a little, uh. But, I found some really cool stuff and then I just couldn't wait to get stuck in. If you had been following me on Instagram you would have seen snippets of what I had been working on. 

 As I started buying things, the ideas started to grow. It's just a pity my house never seems to be the right size or shape for the perfect do, but Freddie absolutely loved it all the same!

Unfortunately the night before the party I fell suddenly ill. I was violently sick throughout the night and I dreaded the idea of having to deal with the setting up of the party. However it had all been planned and my little guy was so excited to see everyone, I simply couldn't let him down; luckily Chris was off so he helped me no end with the setting up!
Before lunch my Mum and Dad collected Freddie to go and take him to spend his Birthday money. He couldn't tell us what he wanted in time for the day so we all decided to put some money in and let him choose his own - they happily took him off whilst I recuperated and we set the party up together (with a little Noah bum shuffling around). It was lovely to be able to set things up without his knowing as things were kept secret till he got home. Nothing was set up whilst he was still at home.

I wish I had been feeling better on the day as I'd've taken more photo's of people and more of the little details such as the cocktail stick dinosaur plaques for the food and the hanging garlands - but I really wasn't able to throw myself into it as I felt terrible. It makes me glad I had been doing so much before hand!

Like seriously, how awesome does this stegosaurus look?! I knew as soon as I saw it that I just had to get it and exactly where I wanted to put it. Everyone commented on how cool he looked.. 

This pin up wasn't exactly what I had in mind - I found my idea didn't work exactly how I wanted it, so I improvised :) I can't get over how alike some of these pictures look similar to Noah!

These straws were so cool. On the back of the label you could write your name - helpful when you have a family all drinking from similar cups..

I was so happy with the cake! I didn't know what to expect after ordering it online.. but I have to say it was one of the best cakes we've had, it was truly delicious and tasted really fresh.

I made this little bunting to go with the dinosaur theme. My nans and mum commented on how lovely it was 
to see the "young" pictures because it's been so long since they saw pictures of him that little. It was a really nice touch and I would love to do it every year with my boys.

After agreeing with Chris we decided to do a 'chippy' style night as it's Freddie's favourite. We had chips, fish fingers, mushy peas, beans, cheese, salad, cocktail sausages, battered sausages, popcorn chicken etc. We didn't go completely over board as we always end up with loads of wasted food and this year we didn't, apart from cake - yup, I have honestly had cake every day for the last week..
I loved the chip stand and the newspaper style chip holders looked lovely. Definitely something that shall come out every so often - shall have to make our own chip holders though!

As all babies/toddlers do, they show off when everyone is around and Noah brought it out in full force with his party trick.. a plastic cup in mouth = no hands! It was pretty hilarious. And in true style, the more people laughed the more he did it - we've a clown amongst us already!

I loved all the little touches at this party. The little cake toppers were pretty cool.

We all got round for pass the parcel (Freddie basically won everything..)The party bags were a massive hit also.. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it!
I got texts after the party complimenting on how they had a great time and how lovely the decorations were. Can't ask for much more than that can you?


  1. Such a fantastic theme! I love all of the little touches - the fish and chip stand is so cool :) x

    1. Thank you so much! :) It was such fun to put together! Xx