Freddie's Birthday

I've decided to split Freddie's Birthday into different parts as there were more photo's taken than I remember taking; which is always a nice surprise! I can't believe his actual birthday was nearly a week ago - it's gone so fast. We've been pretty busy in this household recently!
So, our biggest boy is 4 (catch up here). The day finally arrived.
It's quite funny really as I blubbered my way through writing his birthday post, thinking of this massive milestone and how everything just wouldn't be the same again; I've lost my baby and all that jazz.
But on the morning of his birthday, I had such a job to convince him it was his 4th birthday.
He wouldn't accept it and kept going "No, it's not today.. I'm not 4!" "Stop being silly Mummy, it's not my birthday!" "I'm not that much of a big boy yet". It made me laugh so much because he was so serious about it (now looking back in hindsight it was probably because he went to Nursery and didn't have his presents etc until he came back at lunchtime) but once he came through the door he said people have sung it to him. Asking if he believed me now, he agreed that it might be his birthday now ;)

He loved his presents, he got a spiderman set of jigsaws and a magic writing board with stamps. His favourite was by far the board writer as he spent all afternoon on the sofa playing with it. I knew he'd like it as he has a mini one on his leapfrog and once it was broken he continued to play with it long after. From Nursery he got a book and card - bless them, they really do make an effort!

We've not done birthdays by half since the boys have been born. I always have that slight guilty feeling that their party isn't on their birthday (apart from Noah's this year!) so I have that need to make an effort of some kind so that they really enjoy their day.
So we decided to gather the family for a meal out (more of that in the next part).. Here are our "we're ready" family snaps!

We got some silly props to go in the pass the parcel game for the party - but we decided to use them before putting them in, because they looked cool and Freddie wouldn't leave them alone - heck it, we'll enjoy them ;)

I loved that we were ready in plenty of time. We just posed, cuddled and chilled out with nothing but ourselves for half an hour. It was lovely to talk and laugh together before joining everyone else. 

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