Freddie's Birthday Meal

We decided to go to the Brewers Fayre as they had a Burger and Hotdog buffet night. During the week the prices are cheaper (and not to mention there's a big indoor soft play area!) so seemed like a good reason to go. Okay, it was a terrible night for my waist, but aren't all good things? ;)

So we left our house in good spirits and ready to have a surprise cake come out to our little man. En route we were all chatting freely and was almost there - Freddie started throwing up.. everywhere. Literally all over my dads car and all over himself. Poor lad. We were all so surprised as he was fine all day; it came from nowhere! 
We had to stop into Tesco to buy a whole new outfit (an extra birthday present?) pants and socks included! Change him and dash to the meal as a table had been booked.. we felt so bad being 30 minutes late but we couldn't help it. It was a complete, do we/don't we situation!
My poor boy, and on his birthday!!

However he was actually fine. As soon as it was over, he said he felt so much better for it and recovered very quick and still wanted food and cake - the party continued as normal!

I love these snaps of my big boy. I rarely get ones of him looking so natural and smiley! His face has become so round and looking more like Chris every day.
Freddie had fish fingers sandwich (anywhere that has fish fingers sandwiches on the menu hit an instant win!) and Noah mac n' cheese and garlic bread, they both ate it all and cake. Happy tums!

It was a completely relaxed evening and everyone enjoyed themselves. I love family time catching up. Freddie enjoyed himself in the soft play area for a little while and soon after went home with two very sleepy boys!

Proof that Chris does in fact steal the sweets off the Haribo cake.. (he always insists he doesn't..)

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