Freddie, You're 4!

I sat here all evening thinking of this post. About what I want to say but mostly the fact that I have to do it; I have to write your birthday post. 
I've been distracting myself by doing pass the parcel wrapping for your party, wrapping your presents and writing in your cards ..
One with a 4 badge.
It hits me every time I begin to think about how grown you are. How suddenly in the last few months you've turned into a little boy; you're no longer our toddler. You're turning 4 and soon off to big school.

I find it surreal that I'm going to be a Mummy to a 4 year old. That you've blessed me with being your Mummy for 4 years. Where has our time gone? Where has our baby years disappeared to? It honestly makes me want to cry when I reflect.

We've been so lucky to have had your cheeky face in our lives and I couldn't have it any other way. I love your nonsense jokes and I love your enthusiasm for life. I love that you hop through the door in the morning with a spring in your step albeit at 6.30am! I love that you're so curious and ask so many questions - you even show me up at times! I love how stubborn you are - even at the times it's most inconvenient, it shows you stand your ground. I love the feeling of your hand in mine and how you always say you haven't done any drawings at Nursery today (you know how much I love your pictures and yet you still do it!). I love how you always say "are you joking?" when Daddy threatens to take something away. I love how you say "I only eat the things that I like.. and I like lots of things - fish fingers, chocolate, sandwiches - that's a lot of things isn't it?" or "You have to eat the good healthy things for you first and then the treats, but I only like the treats". You just make me laugh constantly, because you're so honest and open, whilst being constantly cute! I love that you're back into cuddles again and tell me dozen times a day that you love Daddy, Noah and I, it's so lovely and means so much to hear. You'll never know how much it touches my heart.
I could go on forever, because you are one really awesome little guy and I simply adore everything about you. You make me proud every single day with the things you do and say (not mentioning the bum jokes). You put a smile on my face daily and I hope our best is always the best for you. I know that many times I've probably been too hard on you or not said the right thing in the moment, but you forever have my unconditional love.
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see how excited you are for your special day; to cuddle you, open presents, sing Happy Birthday and eat cake.
I love you my nearly 4 year old Freddo.

*written last night*

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