Dinosaur Party: Party Bits #1

The other day a massive box came to the door. In actual fact, I was upstairs and looked out the boys bedroom window and saw the Postman get the enormous parcel out the back of his van. When I say enormous, it was pretty much the size of our dining room table! I have to say I was quite relieved that Chris was on a day off..

I was so excited to open it. It was the start of Freddie's' Birthday bits and pieces arriving.. (A kid in a sweet shop much?!). Thankfully Freddie was at Nursery at the time it arrived (as I'm trying to keep as much of it as a surprise as possible). He knows he's having a party and he can't wait! Every time I ask him what present he would like for his Birthday he says "I want to play PARTY GAMES!" - and he means it. It's really humbling to keep being reminded that little ones thrive on the little things, more than you can imagine - a new toy is great but, but I'd rather play with you more. (And to be honest, I've been so busy organising and making things for the party that I've yet to get a present..)

Luckily Chris is off from tomorrow for 12 days so it means I can have some time to create and build the ideas whilst he helps out with the boys. We can spend evenings brainstorming and putting them ideas together. I love that we're personally putting so much work into the party - yes we have brought cardboard plates and cups, but the arrangement and the little added extras are what's going to make this extra special.
This year I have decided to include party bags as I know for a then 4 year old would want nothing more than a little bag full of tacky little toys! (Not forgetting everyone else coming to the party.. they live for this! Plus all the cake that's going to be about.. the more of it that can go the less I'm going to indulge in!)

I'm making this boys dreams come true.. he asked for a Dinosaur Party and we're delivering with a big ROARRRR! (see what I did there?)

Napkins/Sandwich Cutter (lots of plans with this!)/cups/ Dinosaur gliders (going in the party bags)/straws/dinosaur cake topper (miniature green and white dino sweets - cute!)/Table cloth

Cupcake kit (Seriously. Cannot. Wait. To. Do. This./Cardboard plates/Minature plastic Dinosaurs (going into the party bag)/ Garland/ Party Bags/ Bubble blower (going into the party bag)

Dinosaur Centrepiece - this is MASSIVE! It's going to look so cool when we get it up - both Chris and I cannot wait to put it together!! Gosh, we really are like kids.. (It also Roarrrrs! ;) WOO!)

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