I'm a Spring girl through and through. I love the promises of lovely weather and fun times. There's just something so exciting about Spring; that feeling of being able to accomplish anything! It's time of wanting an adventure again.

Suffering with SAD puts me out for Winter. After all the Christmas excitement my body slumps big time. But when it starts getting towards them bright mornings and nearly warm days where you can potter outside with a brimming basket of washing; to actually be able to enjoy a little time pegging up each item without getting too much of a chill. To be able to make plans of tidying up the leaves and ridding of the weeds; to start daydreaming of what you can do in the months ahead.
That's why I love Spring. So full of wishes.

Over the Winter the garden gets seriously neglected. So, on Sunday the boys and me headed out into the garden for a spot of weeding and sprucing up. We washed all the outside toys, swept up all the leaves and moss and rearranged the look of the garden. It now looks so big and I can't wait to get out there properly come the Summer.

Our Noah also had his first experience with the Bubble machine (Freddy the Fish) - you may remember seeing him pop up last Summer. Freddie adores it, squealing as the Bubbles swirl around high in the sky. Jumping around trying to catch every single one of them. Chris and I can't help but jump in too! ;)
Noah frowned at first. Sneered for a few moments and then started looking around curiously - after a couple of minutes he started to try and grab one. It was seriously adorable to see him concentrate so hard on each individual one.
It's so lovely to go through the 'firsts' again with Noah - because you actually do forget most things, even with a no.2. Often things happen and you instantly go "Do you remember when..".

We're so blessed to have him in our lives. That smile is so addictive.

Today I'm joining up to a new linky that I've discovered, The Ordinary Moments over at Mummy Daddy and Me :)

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