BookStart Reading Bag | World Book Day

It was World Book Day yesterday and it was a little bit rubbish that we couldn't join in. I had a hospital appointment and I knew I wouldn't be back in time to collect him - Chris was working and my other reliable pick up was escorting us to the hospital. I informed the nursery and they were completely okay with it, we still took a book today for them to share at story time (No-Bot "The Robot with no Bottom".. 3 guesses for why this would be Freddie's FAVOURITE book..?).
He was chuffed and they were too as it looked like a funny book (it's actually hilarious, you should buy it!). And they reassured us that we really didn't miss anything the day before.. so alls fine!

But after session today Freddie came out with this book bag full of little goodies! It's so sweet and the books are beautiful. We've read them like 6 times since he's been home and played the matching faces countless more.. but I love it when he's all enthusiastic about something new. It's fantastic and I think the book bag would be fab for a trip to the library..
Are we the only ones to come home with this book bag? I think it's amazing that the nursery have given us these! :)

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