What My Boys Wore

I love clothes. I love buying my boys little individual pieces and putting them together. I love patterns and bright colours (I'm literally drawn to them!). I have to say that I am IN LOVE with Freddie's awesome bright yellow coat from M&S - I went in there and looked at it 3 times before I took him in there to see if he liked it.. I was unbelievably giddy that he loved it! He wants to wear it constantly and I won't object!

Usually the weekend is the time we get a chance to wear a little style! That being for a party or out shopping for the day - anything. Because in the week, Freddie's at Nursery, so it's all about that "uniform look" - and it's pretty boring!
So at the weekend we were off out with the family to celebrate my little sisters 20th birthday! (well hasn't that flown by?!) And a meal out is a little bit of a reason to dress up yes? Plus I've really quite wanted to join in with Hannah's Weekend Baby Style for ages - but I'm just a little bit useless clueless when it comes to linking up! (I hope I've done this right!)

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Next
Trousers - Next
Bib - Morrisons - Nutmeg (part of set)
Shoes - Debenhams - Junior J

Top - Morrisons - Nutmeg
Trousers - Morrisons - Nutmeg
Shoes - Clarks
Coat - M&S

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  1. Ohh wow! That coat! Austin has the same one and I'm dying for him to hurry up and fit into it! I think it'll be his spring coat. Noah's lion top is amaazing! It's lovely to see siblings on the linky :) Thanks so much for linking up you've done it perfectly! Also have you seen Fred and Noah on FB, Insta and Etsy?! Austin reps for them and they have the most bright patterned leggings I've ever seen and they are the best fitting ones i've ever found. If you ever wanted to make an order - just pop in the code AUSTIN15 at the Etsy checkout and you'll get free shipping :) Perfect for your little ones with the same names! #weekendbabystyle xx

    1. It's such a shame the sizes only start at 12-18 months isn't it? I really wanted to get Noah one too but knew it would be a while to get him into it :( maybe I can find a similar one elsewhere!
      I love Fred & Noah and I'm desperate to buy one of everything - shall definitely get around to it with your code :) thank you! X

  2. Awww look at those two!! What cuties! I love the print on Noah's H&M cardi, it's so much fun. That Yellow coat is just AMAZING!!! I saw a similar one in John Lewis yesterday and was tempted to get it for Isla. Thank you so much for linking up with us. Hope you've had a lovely weekend :) #weekendbabystyle

    1. Thank you :)
      I definitely say it's worth it, one that goes with everything!
      You're most welcome :) X