What My Boys Wore #4

We're in for a lazy weekend this week. We're spending time at home catching up on chores and each other.

We've spent our time scrubbing the bathroom, doing all the washing (it actually went out on the line - woohoo!) and the mountain of washing up.. other than that we've been discussing what Freddie's National Book Day outfit is going to be.. I think we may have a winner! Now for making it..
Oh and we're off to the shops tomorrow to fill up the fridge - what fun!

This was the only way we could get them to sit together for a couple of snaps - they were having a stressy moment *hides* but they actually ended up having loads of fun!

They popped through the letterbox this morning and I dressed N in them - within minutes.. LOVE them!

 As it's a low key weekend, we've dressed for the occasion - "oh so, very comfy" :)

What did my boys wear this weekend?

Long Sleeve Top: F&F - Tesco
T-Shirt: Next
Leggings: Fred & Noah

Top: Nutmeg - Morrisons
Hoodie: Nutmeg - Morrisons
Jeans:  Next


  1. Aww they are so good together! Lovely photos of them playing. What a pair of cuties. And a stylish pair at that! Love both outfits. I'm obsessed with Grey so Noah's outfit is right up my street. The leggings are fab and go great with the top. Freddie's orange hoody is fab! Love the tee print too. Thanks so much for linking up with us petal xx #weekendbabystyle

  2. Fred and Noah yay! We rep for them and they're fab! Also the names are perfect for you guys :) My other fave is the Super t shirt - love it! Was it recent? I love the bear t shirt too and well matched with the jumper! Thanks for joining us this week :) #weekendbabystyle xx