Weaning - Next Stage On

It's been a while since I spoke of Noah's weaning journey. We've zoomed happily through Stage One and are now very firmly in Stage Two! (Gosh, he's growing so quick!)
Our Noah has such an appetite, he's very open to trying new foods and has found a few favourites - Blueberries, Strawberries, Pasta and Cake - but saying that, he will actually eat anything. He loves home cooked teas and always wants to feed himself. He makes us laugh regularly because as soon as anything touches his highchair table it's in his mouth in an instant; Chris always jokes he's like a puppy as you just seem to fling food at him and he just scoffs it!
I'm glad though because it means well for a healthy appetite in future. I think also we're so much more relaxed with letting Noah feed himself - I was weirdly always obsessed with Freddie making way too much mess, which was and is completely ridiculous. I realised that and I think it's helped us be better in regards to Noah. Yes, smeared banana in his hair or dried on rice cakes are a pain in the backside to clean and deal with, but it's nothing like the joy of seeing him be so excited for his lunch to arrive that makes it not such a deal to clean.

Every week I buy new things for him to try, nearly every time he loves them and sometimes it takes some adjusting. I'm just trying him a little bit of everything - I want him to discover as many new tastes as possible.

We don't really use jars anymore as he's more than happy with a few little bits and pieces on a plate for lunch (pictured below) and left to get on with it, but we do have some fruit pureed pots and pouches in case he's having a day where crackers and butter simply won't cut it! He still loves anything with gravy on and has become to love banana now - often gagging on slices of it - but he still loves it!
Noah's now on 9oz of milk (Cow & Gate Stage 2 follow on milk) and he loves it. He's always been attached to his bottle and he still daydreams into your eyes as he drinks.  He usually has 2/3 a day depending on when he ate and how much.

I can't get over how much older he looks in these highchair snaps now..

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