The Doctor called and it's Impetigo!

Well this is a little bit embarrassing; but eh, this is life. These crappy few days are a part of our lives as much as all the good - but I'm not happy with the fact that I know it's going to drag on into the half term come Friday. But what else can we do?

I'm blogging in the middle of the day (which I never do). I'm strict with myself when it comes to typing away at my laptop and I solely keep it to "my time" - but today is an exception! 

Last week, I spoke on my Instagram and Facebook of Noah being really clingy, that I couldn't get on with anything besides snuggling close to my grumpy baby. He was teething, he was dribbly and a little bit miserable in the couple of days to come, he chewed on everything in sight and eventually the teeth came in and we all went hallelujah
But in that time he developed what we thought was a teething rash. His bottom was red and spotty all over, naturally comes with teething.. got a few spots around his mouth where his dummy sits.. comes with teething.. But.. there seemed to be random spots all over, in the creases behind his knee, on his calves, on his hands, front and back and arms - we considered it being a all body rash, what with his temperature fluctuating, we also spoke of it being Chicken pox, but Freddie would've caught that by now surely? 
Another couple of days pass and they're still there. I start to feel ill. Exactly the same as when he was being clingy that day. I wanted to just sleep my day away, I had a bad headache and generally felt unwell. I drank loads of water and took some paracetamol.
Sunday I woke up and I felt quite a bit better, still not great, my head hurt and I felt breathless but I could still potter around - we went to my sisters birthday and I felt loads better, practically back to normal. Waking yesterday morning I went around doing housework and eating breakfast, as Chris was off I had a later shower as he took Freddie to Nursery leaving me with Noah. Mid morning I went to go shower, about to step in I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror. My face was bright red and around my lips and chin was spots. My face has never been naturally flawless, but with taking Isotretinoin its cleared up a lot in the last 4 months, my redness has gone down and there was only mild scaring - not yesterday. It was all inflamed and spotty.

I was really shocked because I didn't know what it was all for; I didn't know what had happened or why. My instant thought was "I look like Noah" and I did. I had them same spots he did all over his face, but worse. In the afternoon I started getting calluses type lumps come up on my hands and they were so uncomfortable. today is no better, in fact my face looks worse and my hands have more lumps, making it so hard to pick things up very easily, making the little jobs take longer than they should.
We went to the Doctors this morning and got diagnosed with Impetigo. It's pretty rubbish as I know it's contagious. It means it'll take a little while to get rid of, but we've got medication (cream for Noah) and I hope it means this little issue will soon be gone.
We've had to cancel plans, put others on hold until we know for sure we can be out and about with others. It's a shame really as Freddie doesn't seem to have it, but we can't risk it, therefore meaning he can't go to Nursery until after the half term. It's not fair to have to hold him back, but I don't think Nursery would allow him either. Chris also doesn't have it, but it doesn't mean that they won't. I hope they don't because it's really crushing to have.
I have to be so careful with what I touch and be aware of what I'm doing, a million times more than previous. I have to be careful not to kiss Freddie or touch anything that means I could infect him, same with Chris. It makes me not want to prepare food, it makes me want to avoid mirrors, it makes it hard to hold cutlery and my phone. (actually everything but typing, the tips of my fingers seem to be free from the lurgy!)
It's going to be a tough few days no doubt.. lets hope it's kind to us and goes quicker than it came!  

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