Rounding Our Week Up

It's all been about the Impetigo this week. Last week we ended on going to my sisters birthday meal and since then Noah, Freddie and myself have been diagnosed with Impetigo. I have had it a week tomorrow.

Can I just say, it's been probably been the most uninteresting week, we've had as a family. We've not really don't anything spectacular. It's all been very ordinary. I seem to wash my hands every 3 minutes (hello, random rash that has appeared on my hands due to them being so damn dry!). I have seemly creamed bums and suspect spots - hell I don't even know if they are going to turn into big crusty, horrible spots or our every day spot. But, it gets cream rubbed on top anyway. In case.
Everything is about 'in case'.

So Freddie has it on his bum and suspect spots on his wrist and chin and they're clearing up. They aren't all flaky and horrible looking like mine, just like a rash that was really red and spotty; but it appears to be getting better so hooray!
Noahs' has practically gone, but there's still marks - still putting cream on them. In case.
Chris hasn't had anything. He never does get anything.. (saying that, he hasn't been near me since the breakthrough!)
And myself.. I'm getting so I look human, which is a massive improvement - I just can't believe I've had it a week tomorrow. Seems so much longer!

As we've had quiet family time we've not really done a lot to warrant taking pictures. I did do the #weekendbabystyle linky and that's about it. We've mostly been mooching around watching films, playing with toys (trying that ol' 'sharing' business) and doing lots and lots of cream! However I've been on medication because mine is much worse.. yay, no kidding?

I'm really looking forward to getting better and to be able to go out. I've missed being able to live our ordinary week.
 Freddie has been off Nursery all week (which lead to his boredom of being cooped up and begging to go) and it's really thrown us out of our routine in every way.

In many ways it's made me appreciate our routine, yet there's something lovely about throwing everything out of the window and doing what you like when you like, it's made me soak up them little moments with my boys that maybe I wouldn't see in amongst our daily musings. Little moments of watching them sleep or seeing the cogs turn in their head as you explain something; I just so badly want to freeze them moments.

Life won't always be like this. We won't ever get this time again. They certainly won't be 3 and 10 months again. So as frustrating it's been not to be able to break free and get out, it's been quite refreshing to cuddle, read books and shoot little arrows across the room. To be able to watch Noah bum shuffle across the room as fast as lightening. Or watch as he pulls himself up in his cot(!!!!) and stands, or him catching his balance holding onto the sofa.
My boys are growing. They're becoming a Child and a Toddler before my very eyes.

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