Photo of the Week

I sit on the sofa typing away whilst Chris is playing GTA5. It's the end of another week and so close to the beginning of a new one. Another weigh in, another set of play dates, another week of chores and nursery.
But you know what? that's fine, yeah the weeks are going by so quick, but I'm enjoying them, I'm enjoying the little things that make it such an ordinary week.

However it does make it a little exciting when something different comes up. Today it was my sisters birthday so we all went out for a meal Also this week we've baked cakes and had our hair cut. We've had days of illness (boo, I'm feeling a little crappy today!) and oh, so much dribbling as teething has been full on!

This was taken outside my Grandads' house whilst we waiting to see if my Nan was well enough to go out (ended up that she wasn't) and I wanted to take some snaps of the boys. Some days I feel I don't take enough; especially when it's been a few days since I have picked the camera up - There will never be enough photo's!

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