Photo of the Week

This week has just been lovely.
It's been a week of lazy days and trips out in the sunshine. It's really been a week of adjusting to warm(er) weather (some days) and getting a feeling for what's to come in the next few months!
I have loved this week as we've had a couple of trips out. A couple of days just enjoying the company of each other; we've been to the Mart Funfair, we've lunched and had a 3 1/2 hour walk in the woods. We've had a film day and concocted a couple of new recipes. It's also been the first time we've been out in the garden for the last few weeks to hang out the washing..
It's just been lovely for many reasons.

That cheeky little smile and pursed lips gets me every time. This is how he smiles to me and he always says that he has a lovely smile but Grandad Rich doesn't like him smiling (I don't think he actually ever said this..).

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