Photo of the Week

Firstly I need to say.. how is it already the 1st February?!
This week has gone so quick despite not really doing a lot. We've had a very plain few days, apart from today where I took the boys to my parents so that I could have a few hours with my friends - it was actually really nice to be without my little entourage. A few hours makes a world of difference. We worked out that I haven't been without at least one of the boys for well over a month (just before new years (yeah, I know it sounds dramatic & a horrible comment to think!)) and Chris was really shocked by that - he said he will try and have more alone time with them so I can have longer than a shower length of time rest haha! I mean I do love my boys, they're my world and they make me laugh so much, I just sometimes do find myself feeling like I'm going crazy. I think Chris having them a little more will balance and help.. plus the boys love it when they have him to themselves! (It's starting with next Saturday as this Mummy's having a girls night! woo!)

We've so much planned for this next week, I've got to get on top of my blogging. As the SAD is starting to lift I think the normality in the evenings is going to begin.. (but honestly, the fact that Season 5 of TVD is on Netflix is seriously trying to persuade me otherwise!). I'm getting myself in a new schedule of working from 7-9 on blogging and then 9-10.30 having me time; I think it will be a happy ground to start on, although not every evening works on the strict plan!

This was my lads waiting at the bus stop, ready to go to Nanny's. I love how Freddie is practically head to toe in Thomas the tank, it's cute and he's cute. He was so excited to go today and filled his bag up with toys (obvs Darry and the Power Rangers Megazord was coming!) - he really had a lovely time.