Our Month in Photo's - January

It's been a month now since we all made our resolutions? Have you stuck to yours?
I have and yet to start a couple of them, but eh, still have another 11 months right?
This month has gone ridiculously quick. I can't even tell you how much of a blur it has been, but here we are in February before we've had a chance to blink an eyelid.

January has hit us hard with the blues.
We've all been a little ill and grumpy. I've been emotional as my SAD flared. 
But we have had Chris at home most of this month, meaning that we've been able to have many days in as a family; meaning we were able to relax and take this month a little slower.
 We've made resolutions, had a sprinkle of snow, I started Slimming World, we've had a breakthrough on Freddie's eating habits, Noah has learnt to swing around on his bottom 360degrees (which is so amusing!), found his nickname of Thumper as he thumps one of his legs on the ground when he's excited and we've had our first Blogiversary!
We've not really ventured as it's been cold and wet, but we're hoping it'll now cheer up a bit and we'll be able to get out a little more.

I have to say I noticed that on Instagram I disabled the copy shot into my photo album - when I have two accounts and they both do copies, it just seems to go crazy and before I know it I'm out of storage space! So here's what I uploaded to Instagram, but they're in their real form, where some have been cropped etc.

Picture 1: It has until this last couple of weeks, been rare to manage to get Freddie to sit down long enough to take a photo, but he has been more co-operative (I think the fact that Chris has a new phone with a selfie app has made it all so exciting!). I quite like this picture of the 3 of us. It's by no means under perfect lighting, perfect pose or outfits, but sometimes the best pictures come from unexpected snaps!

Picture 2: My littlest has turned 9 months and he's doing so much 'big boy' stuff that it's making me feel sad, because I'm realising how fast it's going. As soon as I handed him his tippy cup he knew what to do without any guidance - he loves trying to do things himself, he's so much like his big brother in that regard.

Picture 3: It's become apparent that my little Noey has become such a Mummy's boy. It's so nice actually because Freddie was always Chris's little lad, he still is his shadow as soon as Chris comes in from work and you know what, that's so sweet. But Noah's got so that his whole face lights up as soon as I step into the room and that he grins if I ever call his name, or that he gets all shy and excited when I hold my hands out to him - it's so cute, it's quite nice that we do get some alone time when Freddie is at Nursery because I was always worried when I was pregnant with #2 that they wouldn't get that 1:1 time, but we do.

Picture 4: The look of two cheeky monkeys! These little ones made such a mess of their lunch one day, I just decided to bath them.. I tried to wipe sticky hands with wipes, but in the end it didn't clean them properly so it was easier to pop them in and take a bath. I do wish my phone camera was of better quality because I do love this picture!

Picture 5: This month this little lad has been my saviour. He's made me laugh at times when I felt really dark and he's been helping me with chores, bless him! Keeps jumping around me saying "What's my number 1 job?" he just loves to be kept busy all the time. This was one of the mornings when we were cuddled up in bed and Chris was dressing Noah in the other room, we had such a giggle about Chris's phone (I'm gutted that I can't remember) but as soon as we pick it up he goes "take a picture!!" - he basically loves a selfie. #sigh

Picture 6: I can't take credit for this photo as the Hubby sent it over to me. I was out at the Hospital visiting Dermotology and this photo popped into our KiK conversation - I instantly fell in love with it. It's so adorable and it's so Noah. I love that hat (although Hubby could've put it on better, granted) and I love that shy, cheeky smile.