My first month with Slimming World

So not long ago I shared my decision in joining up to Slimming World.
I have to be completely honest and say I LOVE it. It's been so easy to include it into my daily life. I did worry about the syns side of the plan but it's been working really well and I've lost 5lbs this month, which I was really surprised about.. I didn't really expect things to change much as it doesn't feel my eating habits have changed hugely. And if you think about it, it's 2lbs away from half a stone.. in a month.
All the things I love to eat are free foods; it just helps knowing the set allowances, that perhaps I over indulged in, in the past (you don't get to be my size without it..).
It's really become a big part of my life, and my little family.. Chris has become really open to trying the new recipes - it really helps he's a chef and very foodie! He's also really interested in the ingredients and tastes; we both have. It's almost become a new hobby to test something new out that sounds nice in the book, magazine or online. So far, we've loved every single one of them.
We've discovered new ingredients such as Quark (sounds like a disease for a duck, right?) and frylight - we love them! We've also been getting in new pantry staples so that we can put things together.. experiment. It's honestly fabulous as I've found that I've begun to really enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking up new things. I like to learn the recipes so that if Chris isn't about, I can still make them. I like that it also brings new conversation and more of a reason to spend time in the kitchen together. It's so exciting trying out something new, wondering how good it's going to be. I just love that crossing over each other as you try and put a dab of something in the pot or expressing your dislike to a suggestion. Just feels.. right.
Yes, we were the terrible two who conveniently used a jar, because it was easier to do so than creating a meal from scratch (although I do make a mean spag bol from scratch, that tastes heavenly!).. I suppose this is mostly because I wasn't interested in cooking, I'm more a baking naughty treats (not anymore!) and Chris never wanted to cook as due to his job, never fancied the chore. Ok, it's a slight exaggeration as we did make a few things from scratch, but no where near as much as we should've!
It's really different. It's brought a new lease of life and I genuinely love that Chris has been supportive regarding this new venture. He always asks what's the syn value of things and if he wants to cook, what he can change to make it "syn free" which is pretty lovely; and I have to say, knowing a meal is syn free is far more exciting than it should be!
But honestly? I live for my syns. My guilt free treats.
I try and keep these for the evening as that's the time my mind starts flouncing onto mindless snacks. When I'm watching the telly after a little bit of blogging. But now, without actually trying all that hard, I can enjoy them in the evening, what's better than watching David Tennant in Broadchurch whilst eating a couple of Ferrero Rochers? I simply can't think of anything - nope.
So, somehow this plan they have, seems to work. It's worked 5lbs off me without actually hitting the gym! It's brought me down to 13st 12lbs, and I feel so damn proud of myself. When I stepped on there last week and saw that number, I could've cried. I actually can't remember the last time I saw them figures on the scales. I'm feeling so much confident because I know that the plan is achievable long term. I love the recipes and I like the cooking. I'm incredibly excited about the future..

P.S today I lost another 2lbs taking it to 1/2 a stone in 5 weeks with Slimming World! I'm amazed!