Living Room Makeover Wishlist

I love making a Wishlist. It's so exciting teaming everything up together and see what the look would actually look like. I've been wanting to shake up the look of my Lounge/Dining Room for a while now, but we've been so restricted living in a rented house that it's always been a thought for the future, in our own home.
But recently we spoke to our Landlords and have got decorating permission! We were chuffed to pieces as our walls are getting a little scruffed up in places - it's in need of a good paint. We've been given the restrictions of staying reasonably neutral, which is fine; it's their rules and well, I wanted a neutral kind of look. I always find with fairly neutral surroundings you can inject pops of colour without A: splashing out too much money and B: because it doesn't cost too much money, you can update it fairly often! (that's my hoping anyway!)

To us the Lounge/Dining Area is the most used room in the house, besides the kitchen. We're always popping in there, whether it's to play with the boys or setting the table for dinner, it's very much the central room in the house so if  I was going to start anywhere, it would be here.
We've always talked about getting a new Dining Table as ours is quite small, okay enough to eat off but it's so easily cluttered as it's very square; we've also wanted one with 6 seats as it'll fit better in our space and is very good for if we have a couple of guests over (not to mention the birthday parties.. finally will be enough seats and space for food!) so that's high in our priorities (okay, mostly mine but shh!)

I've added lots of things that I have completely fallen in love with upon first sight and if I had infinite money, I would buy these in a heartbeat, that being everything else pictured. I've especially fallen for the Do What You Love Wall Art - it's so beautiful and I simply love the quote - I think it would fit in perfectly with our family.

So what are our plans? Well like everything else, save, save, save! We'll get there piece by piece, penny by penny ;)