Into the Woods

I do really love family time, I love it when all 4 of us have a little adventure in mind - no matter how big or small. I like when we get out of the house; we all get so excited and it means we get to talk, properly. Chris and I like many couples with little kids, and other commitments - it can make it difficult to set time aside - and these days are them times. Times where we all get to talk and discuss little and big things we want to do this year and in the future. It's also nice when Freddie comes out with suggestions and things he wants to do; oh and obviously agreeing to everything we say!
We went for a walk through the woods at half term and it was perfect.

It was sunny and warm. Somehow whenever we get out on a walk I always find my buried love for a country stroll. As a kid I went on camping holidays to Wales and the Lake District and we often went on a trek for the day with a little packed lunch - as much as I moaned about it at the time (it somehow doesn't seem cool when you're 12..) I now think fondly back wishing I could go on one of them treks right away.
The route we take is so peaceful and light. There's still so many leaves about which we all loved stamping through - it's turning into that crossover from Winter to Spring and I don't think we could be any giddier!

After last time I made sure I had my big camera with me as I could do my boys clothes outfit post as well as document them natural moments. However, for the clothes post I had to bribe Freddie with a Kinder Egg to get him to stand next to Noah and smile - the things a Blogging Mother has to do! (He clearly agreed after my bribe..)

We got Noah out for the photo's and he just wanted to get walking; as you can see he was trying to escape, so we let him have a little walk before he got grumpy and put him back in the pushchair.
On the whole walk we only bumped into one other family, which was kind of nice.. something lovely about being out and feeling isolated. We stopped in places and had a chat about the trees - Chris was teaching Freddie what to look for - it's lovely that you can have them types of conversations now. Some of the part around it was incredibly muddy, but eh we had fun and anything muddy can always get washed and rinsed!
It was such a relaxing afternoon. We managed to drag our 3 mile walk out for 3 1/2 hours - we weren't in much of a hurry to get home!

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