Inspiration - Dinosaur Birthday Party

I've been hovering over when I was going to publish this post as I know once I had; then comes to the realisation that I have to buy - AKA I have to start planning my big boys' 4th birthday party.
There's something about being a mother that makes you suddenly realise how quick life is whizzing by - there's no way to hide from it as the little ones are growing up and beyond the baby stage. He is going to be four in less than a month.. and somehow that's harder than ever to face facts with. I think it's mainly because it means he has then popped out from the label 'Toddler' to 'Young Child' that is soon off to school. Jumping to 4 seems such a massive jump.

I'm quite excited about organising a party though! (so many life dilemmas!) mainly because he has been wanting a Dinosaur birthday party for a long time now so I've had time to browse the internet and get some ideas for the day. I've put a few things together to show you, and no doubt there will be other ideas popping in before I'm finished.. but I know he's going to love it.
Our plans at the moment is to have the party with the family at the weekend after his birthday and the four of us celebrate on the actual day too. I think he would really love the extra fuss - we're keeping it fairly simple as I know next year when he's at school he will want his school friends to attend, so whilst I can I'm going to enjoy having that 'to ourselves party' but by no doubt we'll be booking into the nearest soft play centre this time next year.. ;)

I must admit when Freddie came up with wanting a Dinosaur party I was a little 'ugh really?' but for some reason I didn't seem to grasp that there's so much you can do with that theme. It's pretty open! (I kinda had ideas in mind on the line of Batman...)
I love the little coordinating bits and I really love the style of the look, I'm excited to order tomorrow! I just have this vision of where I'm placing everything - once I get something I like, I want to get started on sorting! (I'd love to be a party planner!)
This year I've decided to do some party bags as I know Freddie would love to have a little bag full of treats (probably prefer it to proper presents!).. and I know not so secretly my family would love it too, so I'm really looking forward to making them up :)

Can't wait to see the real things arrive! Now for presents..?


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    1. Thank you! I'm loving all the inspiration that's about for a Dino Party! :) X

  2. Themes excite children and when it comes to dinosaurs all kids get super excited. I really like this theme and the work which has been put into it. A new Jurassic World Birthday For the kids. Great Job Imogene