A sprinkle of snow

I knew I was going to jinx myself when I spoke to one of the Mums at Nursery by saying how much I hope it doesn't snow this year, especially after seeing pictures of the rest of the country! We both agreed that it would be best to keep it away..
I don't dislike it because the snow itself is horrible, it's just what it brings with it. It's hard to get about and it's just there constantly until the weather gets warmer.

Yup, I'm a spoilsport. But I just prefer to see it coming down and melting away.

However, Freddie has been excited at the prospect of having snow.. And Thursday we got some. The first sprinkle and he was ridiculously excited. he got himself suited and booted to get outside and stand around in amongst the falling flakes.
It was cute.
So cute that I had to take a few snaps. He kept going "It's like Christmas out here!"

I rarely get photo's of my big boy as he always shy's away from the camera, unless he's stuck into something that he loves and then he just boasts about the activity too much, to care about a few snaps being taken!

I'm kinda glad to say that there hasn't been anymore since the first blizzard that we saw. Although I do admit a part of me did enjoy watching it swirl around outside. We did have some enormous flakes and it was quite a nice bonding moment with Freddie looking out the window and talking about it.
Freddie was a little disappointed that there wasn't more so that he could build a snowman (I promise you that the Frozen song "Do you want to build a snowman?" didn't come into my head. AT. ALL. ;)) and there wasn't much to even do snowballs.. until Chris taught him how to make them. Yup, and so it begins. I see the future of crazy teenage boys running around throwing snowballs (and probably throwing it too close to the windows *cough*husband*cough*).