A day at the Mart Funfair

After living with our bout of Impetigo last week, we were desperate to get out of the house. We wanted to be able to enjoy our half term and I have this urge recently to spoil our boys rotten. I want them to enjoy every aspect of childhood. I want to have loads of fun with them!
We're at the stage now where Noah isn't a newborn so a day out doesn't seem like a chore; what with all their little gadgets. Now we pack a couple of bottles up, as he eats what we eat now - making the whole journey smoother.
So when we came to trying to decide a day out I started thinking of train trips, buses to the coast.. but then I remembered the Mart Fair. It's a fair that comes to our local town (8 miles from us) once a year for 2 weeks; perfect!
We took Freddie last year, but it was a really miserable couple of weeks. It was cold and he was a little too young to fully take it what surrounded him - but I knew this year would be great. I knew he would really enjoy it and it'd be a lovely family day out.
Setting off from home we decided to have lunch out, to make a big day of it. Having needed to pop into Morrisons to collect a few items we bumped into my Mum and Grandparents. Deciding to have lunch in the café we proceeded to go onto the fair via Marks and Spencers (I really wanted to get Noah the red coat to match Freddie's yellow one - watch out for it!).

Saying goodbye to my family we headed onto the fair. It was busy and noisy.
the whole experience made me so nostalgic as I remember being there choosing the rides and the sweets (my favourite was always the waltzes) as a teen. Obviously time has gone by and there's newer versions to the older stalls but the atmosphere was still there. I just love the colour and the buzz. I like the music and to watch my littles faces get excited and look bewildered in the case of Noah.
Freddie went on a racer car, to the crazy jungle fun house with Chris (it was apparently really good) on the dodgems (obviously, although Chris wanted to go on there more than Fred - kinda dragged him!) and a mini Ferris Wheel - it was so cute!

Freddie was so excited. A little bedazzled, but loved it. He kept calling out which rides he wanted to go on and asking what the others do.
But as a true little kid his attention was always drawn to the sweet stalls (can't really miss them can you?) so we got him a massive lolly that he picked out.. I knew as soon as he chose it, it'd take him forever to eat it! It's still being eaten 2 days later..
However, when you're a kid, sometimes it's a necessity to buy the most attractive lolly, to get the food colouring ALL over your face and be sticky head to toe.. not to mention lay it down on every imaginable surface. But eh, he's loving it and he talks of where he got it to everyone so that's the main part. (I shall just chuck it at some point.. it'll be "lost" haha!)

It was such a lovely bright day but it was really chilly! So Chris got us some hot doughnuts - oh my, yummy! I couldn't worry about syns this day! (especially as I was out at Nandos and cinema with Els that evening..)

As for Noah, he found it all so exciting that he slept the whole way round ;)

It was such a lovely day. I love how quick plans always end up being the best plans and the most enjoyable. I do love spending time with my little family, I love watching their faces and being in their company. It's beautiful, they're beautiful.

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