What's 2015 got in store for us?

Ah, 2015. 
We get to spend the next 365 days with you as our title.

I was both scared and excited for this new year to come along, mainly because my little boys will be growing another year older and the numbers 4 & 1 makes me a little emotional. I also have many dreams I hope to achieve this year!

New Years Eve always holds a special place in my heart because it marks the night I met my husband; it's 5 years this year.
We met at a party, single and enjoying time with our friends. Who knew last night 5 years ago that my life was going to lead to this? That we'd fall in love in a matter of weeks and end up here? I certainly didn't, but I remember that night so well. It was a night of laughs and making resolutions for the next year. It was a night that when I put an outfit on I didn't feel fat; it was a night of confidence and lots of dancing. It was a night of simply not giving a care in the world!
It always makes me smile when it comes to NYE for that very reason, it also makes me smile as it's another year I can tick off happily as I've found my precious lot in life.

Every new year makes me excited to see what's ahead. I reflect very much so over the previous year but I'm always so curious as to what's next.. what today is leading us too. I know this very afternoon I shall be at my Nans' house and be helping make a roast dinner for the family. I love that this has become our family's tradition over the years; we spend the very first day of our year together.
I think it's something to hold onto and I think the very sentiment means so much to our family. 

My little family is growing this year, they're getting older and wiser - Okay maybe not wiser! But they're getting bigger and it always makes me a little sad. Sad that I can't stay in this time frame for a little longer, sad that baby faces are growing into Toddler and Child faces. Knowing that this is one year closer to the day when my babies won't want Mummy's nose to snuggle deep into their cheeks as we cuddle or even for me to call them 'my babies' - but I am excited to see how they develop and what they make of 2015! (It's a lose, win situation really!)

2015. Back to you. What do you have in store for us?
Well I have a little hope that it's my year to focus on me a little more - I know, sounds so selfish doesn't it? But I mean in the sense that I meet that little step in something I want to do this year. I'd love to be able to improve on my writing skills and I'd like to read more books, because this year.. I've only read 1! (HOW AWFUL!?) I'd also really like to take up a creative writing course sometime, over the last few weeks I've just been thinking about how much I'd like to do that and where I'd love to take it to. I love Blogging so I know I want to continue with this.
I guess I'd like to use this year developing my writing passions as much as possible.

You can call these my new years resolutions..
  • Read more books - Maybe even write little reviews for them?
  • Take up a Creative Writing course
  • Continue Blogging.. a lot - or whenever possible!
  • Continue my weight-loss journey..
  • Spend more days with my family as a 4 :)
  • Enjoy every moment and opportunity life throws us this year!
2015, I do hope you are kind to us; I do have that completely contented feeling that you're going to be rather lovely. Last night I saw in the new year with my Husband. We laid in the dark and talked about all the things we want to do this year - it was a rather perfect way to welcome 2015.. Of course we fell asleep as soon as we saw it go to 00:01 ;) (we weren't that hard-core!!)
 We've got a lovely happy family and everything is exactly how we'd like it to be for the moment, it's a year of swimming along very happily.
You do have some events planned for us already like Birthdays and Anniversarys (my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary), a trip to see The Script at O2 again with the older sis ;) not forgetting to mention that Freddie starts school.. (we'll forget about this for a little while though!)
I can't wait to see what else you throw this way 2015..

A Very Happy New Year to YOU, My Followers!
Much Love,
:) XOX