Thank you cards

If you're a regular reader you'll know that I'm a sentimental person (if not, now you do :)). I love keepsakes and trying to 'keep' memories. I know not everyone shares that desire; in fact I'm sure there's many people who don't have a memory box; I have 4 and a drawer.
Saying that, I haven't collected much in the last few years, just the odd letter, note or picture. Mostly pictures. I just love randomly coming across one of the boxes and just having a look through the stuff I have collected.

So after Christmas; Boxing day to be precise, I had a quick look at my photo's from the previous day as my boys were taking a nap. I just knew I was going to make a thank you card with this image on the front. I really don't think we hand out thank you cards enough; I genuinely think that it could make someone's day letting them know they're appreciated in some way.
I knew my family would like the sentiment, and you know what? They did.
I did. I loved the quality of the photo's and I was impressed with how well they came out.

I have one for my memory box too, and they have one to keep as well.