Planning for the Future - Driving

Last Summer I wrote a post Planning for the Future. I spoke rather glossily about trying to save up to get a mortgage and getting on the road.
We talk about these things all the while and now that Christmas is well out of the way we’re embarking on them plans – starting with driving.

The older the boys get the more I want to take them places, the more I want to explore the world with them.. We want to have our own adventures without having to rely on anyone or anything else but ourselves. I want the spontaneity of planning a trip, packing a cool box full of goodies and seeing my little ones full of excitement, knowing we’re going to be together out and about.
But I have to start learning, and we will very soon I’m sure! (we’re saving!)

As we all know, part of passing your test is having knowledge about the car itself. As well as checking the oil and water levels, we need to make sure, that the MOT, Tax, Insurance is up to date and that you check your tyres regularly – you can be assured that your car is as safe as possible for your little passengers (obviously your driving skills is excluded from this).

As parents we all want to keep our little ones safe; it’s built into us and it’s forever our top priority. I always make sure the boys’ car seat is well fitted before leaving for any journey. My heart honestly flips if I think I haven’t buckled them up correctly.
We tend to leave the car seats in with my parents car but sometimes they get taken out for their reasons or that we are planning to go out with my grandparents, so I always like to double check – we can never take the risk :)

So we’ve been looking into ‘costs’ of this very expensive venture of ours (and as we’ve been offered a car for when I pass the test – yay lucky us!). I was surprised that it could cost so much, but some how so much less than we thought it would be..
It’s grear that it’s so simple to keep everything up to date as Insurance and Tax can be done over the Internet and most garages do the MOT and Tyres at the same time. Point-S Tyres is one such network that makes it easy to research online about the nearest tyre centre, the appropriate tyre size and a tyre fitting appointment!

It reassures me that even though it may take a little while to get going, that it’s possible and that is unbelievably exciting for me and my family. We want our independence and it seems like it’s within reach.. now for saving them pennies up!