Photo of the Week

This week we've all been very up and down.
I've been feeling emotional some days this week and stressed on others which hasn't been very nice! (read my diary post here on what's been up) Freddie's still hard at the 'threenager' this week, so that's taken a toll on everyone, but we're all still here and hoping the worst is over with :)

Despite all of that, we've had some very lovely sweet moments. Moments that have completely lifted all of our moods and made us laugh, so, so much. I love them times when you just feel so at peace; where everything is normal and ordinary.

This picture is definitely one of my favourites of my littlest man (I'm sure I say this with every photo?). That giggle is so infectious and it just makes me want to pinch them cheeks!
I took this image of him in the bath when Chris had taken Freddie to Nursery and I was left with N; I went to get him dressed and noticed he's done a #2 - An explosive one at that! It was so bad, I honestly couldn't tell you how I cleaned him up, but he found the whole experience hilarious as I got his toes to touch his nose whilst battling to get his hands out of the way (he's got a thing for trying to grab the nappy - UGH!).
It was.. an experience. I decided to bath him simply because, when you've had an explosive poo, baby wipes aren't disinfectant enough.
Glad to see the experience didn't traumatise you, N!